A Montana State University team of interdisciplinary researchers has discovered that baking soda, the common name for sodium bicarbonate, can dramatically increase algae’s production of the key oil precursors for biodiesel and biojet fuels. That’s right, the household chemical that causes cookies to rise in the oven, calms upset stomachs and removes odors from refrigerators […]

A Cold Fusion explanation that seems workable and can be a base for theory that the layperson can grasp is making its way around the world.  This writer is going to put it out here for your perusal. The idea is that cold fusion is an act of an artificial stimulation of atoms into a […]

MITs Technology Review has ran a piece on Free Flow Power of Gloucester Massachusetts.  Free Flow’s idea is to set tens of thousands of water flow turbines anchored to the bottom of the Mississippi River that someday could provide more than a gigawatt of renewable energy, enough to power a quarter of a million homes […]

Blest, a Japanese company has invented a safe and user-friendly machine that can convert plastic back to oil. The machine is effective in recycling different kinds of plastic into oil. Plastic is one of the most versatile synthetically produced materials in the world and is also one of the environmentally unfriendly substances produced by man.  […]

The Energy Information Administration (EIA) reports for August that U.S. ethanol production rose in August to an all-time high, production averaged more than 869,000 barrels per day (b/d).  The Renewable Fuels Association who also collects data calculated ethanol demand at all-time high as well at 911,000 b/d in August, up from 734,000 b/d a year […]

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