Most folks think an oil embargo or a running out of supply would be a disaster, some even realize oil could drive nations to war. But there is a much more frightening prospect – a shortage of phosphorus – that if suddenly short would dramatically cut food production. Phosphorus is an element needed by both […]

In the real wild world plants have to make tradeoffs such as growth and reproduction for example.  In cultivation and agriculture plant choices are manipulated for harvesting the desired product such as seed, leaves or stalks. At the Duke Institute for Genome Sciences & Policy (IGSP) manipulating a single gene may give perennial grasses more […]

More American Oil

November 19, 2010 | 2 Comments

The rapidly getting famous Bakken Shale of the Williston Basin that stretches across a large portion of central North America is what most people consider as the latest great American oil field.  But the Bakken is just one of the reservoir formations in the Williston. There are more. The Williston Basin is a vastly prolific […]

Al Fin found a new motor design that was talked up at Greentechmedia. The excitement is due to the new design not needing rare earth magnets for high efficiency. NovaTorque released its first products; two and three horsepower 1800 RPM motors, at the end of October. The company, which has received funds from NEA, has […]

So says UC Davis Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering Debbie Niemeier in a forecast that published on Nov. 8 in the journal Environmental Science & Technology. Sound nuts?  Wait a moment . . . Niemeier is working from the theory that long-term investors are good predictors of whether and when new energy technologies will […]

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