At this moment NuScale’s small modular nuclear reactor is leading the U.S. field of nuclear power sets that are smaller, modular and less expensive to install.  Nuclear fission’s major stumbling block is the huge investment needed to put a plant into operation.  The total dollars now runs in the billions for a custom designed, large […]

Miscanthus has for the temperate American Midwest likely the largest yield potential for biomass of the contending crops.  The plant does pose the lignin and cellulose problems, but confidence is high those plant products will get solutions for fuel production. Its in the field, where the production happens getting sunlight and soil nutrients into biomass […]

Fifteen years ago John Cooper, PhD working at Lawrence Livermore National Lab had worked out a zinc air battery that could be refueled so to speak. Actually what Mr. Cooper had invented was a zinc air fuel cell power unit based on the properties of the zinc air battery.  It remains a vastly intriguing high […]

The maximum use of incoming solar radiation relies on using the full spectrum of the light and infrared radiation. There’s a lot of power in the infrared – not something the current photovoltaic cell is harvesting. Photovoltaic solar cells convert energy from the sun into electricity by absorbing light. However, different materials absorb light at […]

This writer and many of you readers are of the need for speed crowd.  Lower elapsed and transit times are good for not waiting for distance to meander by.  Not that meandering isn’t a worthwhile way to travel, but for economy and the reality of life its just too much time waiting for transiting and […]

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