This graphic is from the patent discussed in the post where the item notation #106 would be the fuel ions traveling around and through the inner magnetic device. It’s asserted that variations in fuel ion velocity will cause impacts that are of high enough energy that the ion atoms will fuse thus releasing energy.

Image Credit: Rostoker and Monkhorst, University of California.

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  1. Roz on January 17, 2011 2:52 PM

    Cone /vortex experimenter.
    I’ve been blowing a hair dryer down a cow horn.The cowhorn had a copper wire inserted in it.The hair dryer stopped for a minute and then came back on, there was a green flash (plasma?)and pop. The dryer was tested close against the carpet for a heat switch(none). I was near the power meter box. Same thing vacuuming around a polystyrene board with 30 spiral shells inserted. Vacuum cleaner stopped working.There’s a magnetic action toward a hairdryer when it it blown into 6 spiral shells glued in a circle on a card and hung up by thread.
    My theory was to compress magnetic current. Leedskalnin- run one current against another. (magnetic against electrostatic. Bendini ferris wheel = magnetic vortex compression the way I see it structurally. Joe cell similarly- magnetic current collector and confining to a static state and running a current across it.The cow horn is the phi shape and causes the sweet spot.

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