U.S. researchers have gotten closer to biomass sourced DMF.  DMF is the anagram for 2.5-Dymethylfuran. The U.S results while novel are thought efficient triggering questions about DMF combustion and the effluent effects on the environment.  Little is known in the engine community about DMF’s combustion and emission characteristics, especially about the specific chemical emissions from […]

Steve Durnin’s D-Drive may be the holy grail of infinitely variable transmissions.  The video below will illustrate, at least in part.  The thrill of the D-Drive is it lacks a friction connection for neutral, hydraulic power flow or hydraulic actuation, a torque converter or any other device that bleeds off energy – it seems, but […]

Brian Wang over at NextBigFuture posted an interesting collection of nuclear energy pages under the title ‘Carnival of Nuclear Energy’.  Brian did a good job of catching the current events and in his way of brief titles and very short summaries puts out the bait for linking out to more info.  Brian covers some 14 […]

Nebraska is one of those places the coastees like to dis as nowhere.  Nebraska is a big mostly flat state that if driving across is best done at night.  It’s as dull a drive as can be imagined on I-80.  Not many folks there, for all the noise over the Cornhusker Kickback, it wouldn’t have […]

The press may howl the politicians take stands and the consumers wonder but the chemistry needed for life isn’t going away. The chemical market from the raw material producer to the end user all have a need for standards, the way things are described and disclosed so decisions can be made. Chemical companies and manufacturers […]

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