At a site like this what is missing can be very disconcerting.  Missing in total positive content are big geothermal projects. It’s not all bad news. But for one post lets have a look at the problems. The current mainstream technology catch all term is Enhanced Geothermal Systems or EGS. Much of what geothermal is […]

Los Alamos researchers report a surprising mechanism that allows nanocrystalline materials to self repair themselves after suffering radiation-induced damage. Nanocrystalline materials are those created from nanosized particles, in the Los Alamos research, copper particles. A single nanosized particle – called a grain – is the size of a virus or even smaller. Nanocrystalline materials consist […]

Researchers at the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab have found a new mechanism for the photovoltaic effect to take place in semiconductor thin-films. The newly developing route to photovoltaic cell production overcomes the “bandgap” voltage limitation that continues to bedevil conventional solid-state solar cell development. Understanding the “bandgap” – in a conventional solid-state solar cell is […]

Congress has mandated a report from the National Research Council to evaluate various technologies and methods that could improve the fuel economy of medium- and heavy-duty vehicles, such as tractor-trailers, transit buses, and work trucks. The report is in late draft form and recommends approaches that federal agencies could use to regulate these vehicles’ fuel […]

Yang Shao-Horn, an MIT associate professor of mechanical engineering and materials science and engineering has made significant progress on a technology that could lead to batteries with up to three times the energy density of any battery that currently exists. Shao-Horn said many groups have been pursuing work on lithium-air batteries, a technology that has […]

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