The leadership in Russia has been busily destroying the sensible business reputation they inherited from the old Soviet Union.  Freedom also allows mistakes.  The Putin trend has already proven itself willing to use its gas reserves as a weapon in diplomatic negotiations. Moscow cut gas supplies to Ukraine in January 2006 during a row over […]

Much of the best solar irradiated surface of the planet’s land area is very dry or desert.  While much of the land has poor soil, adequate water can promote the growth of many food and fuel plants.  Irrigation can work where water is flowing or deep ground is available. Dutch inventor Pieter Hoff believes using […]

Carbon is cheap, abundant, and in the form of the nanoparticles graphene, capable of absorbing a wide range of light frequencies. Graphene is essentially the same stuff as a pencil’s graphite, except graphene is formed to a single sheet of carbon, just one atom thick. Graphene shows promise as an effective, cheap-to-produce, and less toxic […]

Eric Lerner’s Lawrenceville Plasma Physics (LLP) is developing a dense plasma focus fusion reactor, to use proton-boron (pB11) fuel. Lerner’s work was initially funded by NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory and is now investor-funded.  The project is aiming to produce an extremely economical, compact, environmentally safe and essentially inexhaustible source of energy.  The projections can get […]

Oorja means energy in the language Sanskrit. It’s also the name of a Fremont California company selling fuel cells running on methanol.  Oorja has been using its prototype and very early production models in large material handling forklifts.  The materials handling market vehicles typically run on giant lead acid batteries instead of gasoline. The batteries […]

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