Researchers Cun-Zheng Ning and Alian Pan at Arizona State University are developing nanowires could lead to better light-emitting diodes (LEDs) that could replace less energy-efficient incandescent light bulbs and more efficient photovoltaic cells for generating energy from sunlight. The research effort is to improve quaternary alloy semiconductor nanowire materials. Quaternary alloys are made of semiconductors […]

Sound is energy is motion whether in gasses, fluids or through solid materials it could be something worth pursuit. A team at the University of Wisconsin-Madison is on it with a new material made from crystals of zinc oxide that, when immersed in water, absorb vibrations and develop areas of strong negative and positive charge. […]

Dr. Albin Czernichowski, a professor with the University of Orleans, France, presented two papers at the American Chemical Society meeting in San Francisco on Monday detailing a GlidArc reactor that uses electrically-charged clouds of gas called “plasmas” to produce in three steps super-clean fuels from waste materials. Dr. Czernichowski said, “Low-tech and low cost are […]

University of Cincinnati Research Assistant Professor David Wendell, student Jacob Todd and College of Engineering and Applied Science Dean Carlo Montemagno have co-authored the paper, based on research in Montemagno’s lab in the Department of Biomedical Engineering. They have devised a foam that captures energy and removes excess carbon dioxide from the air. The results  […]

The American Chemical Society’s (ACS) has for the first time, drawn content from two ACS journals – JACS and Environmental Science & Technology – under the theme of “Harnessing Energy for a Sustainable World”. The ACS selected 11 papers concerning materials and methods for energy production and storage (e.g., fuel cells, batteries, bio-hydrocarbon fuels and […]

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