The American Chemical Society’s (ACS) has for the first time, drawn content from two ACS journals – JACS and Environmental Science & Technology – under the theme of “Harnessing Energy for a Sustainable World”.

The ACS selected 11 papers concerning materials and methods for energy production and storage (e.g., fuel cells, batteries, bio-hydrocarbon fuels and solar) from JACS and 10 papers from ES&T speak to how energy could – or should – be cleverly harnessed.

All articles will remain free to non-subscribers until the appearance of the next JACS Select. This issue is published in concert with the 2010 ACS Spring National Meeting’s similar focus on “Chemistry for a Sustainable World”.

An editorial by John Crittenden, ES&T Associate Editor and Henry White, JACS Associate Editor provides a quick summary of the papers selected for the issue.

One doesn’t see much transparency even though you’re often the taxpayer providing the money for the government’s grants.  Anytime one gets a shot a looking through the science it’s a fascinating experience.

Click the link and have a look. You may find something quite interesting.


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