The researchers at the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory have designed, fabricated and demonstrated a PHEV traction drive power electronics system that provides significant mobile power generation and vehicle-to-grid support capabilities. (The Oak Ridge press release isn’t specific, but here PHEV seems to mean Plugin Hybrid Electric Vehicle, not parallel hybrid EV.)  The […]

Swedish and American researchers have succeeded in producing a new type of lighting component that’s inexpensive to produce and can be fully recycled. Using the new super material graphene, the invention as an example could pave the way for glowing wallpaper made entirely of plastic.  The emerging field of “organic” or “plastic” electronics has already […]

Researchers from Imperial College London, their European partners, and the Volvo Car Corporation, are expanding development of a prototype battery material which can store and discharge electrical energy.  The material is also strong and lightweight enough to be used for car parts and can be shaped to fit into panels as needed. The researchers expect […]

The electric motor as we know it was first designed by Nikola Tesla and then vastly improved for commercial use by George Westinghouse with many improvements along the way.  Today’s motors follow two dominating designs called permanent magnet and induction that are descriptions of the rotating assembly inside the case that delivers the twisting force […]

Methane Is the Future

February 8, 2010 | 6 Comments

Its as safe a declaration as can be made, methane, the main part of natural gas is a major future fuel. Case Item No. 1: In the U.S. alone, the combination of horizontal drilling and reservoir fracturing services becoming more affordable has moved up the U.S. reserve by 35% in existing fields of 2007 to […]

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