a, b, Production of FAEEs (a) or fatty alcohols (b) by overexpressing ‘tesA, fadD, and atfA or acr1 in C41(DE3) ΔfadE. c, d, The chain-length distribution of FAEEs fatty alcohols was varied by expressing thioesterases with different substrate specificities. Shown are the percentage composition of each chain-length FAEE or fatty alcohol resulting from the expression of thioesterase genes ‘tesA, chFatB2, atFatA3, ucFatB and chFatB3, together with fadD and an ester synthase (atfA) or acyl-CoA reductase (acr1) in C41(DE3) ΔfadE. Values and error bars represent the mean and s.d. of triplicate experiments.

Image Credit, Nature.

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