The world-record YBCO coil is test-fitted onto the probe in June 2009.

Photo credit: The National High Magnetic Field Laboratory.

Click image for the largest view.


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  1. Susan Ray on November 19, 2009 8:10 AM

    Thanks for helping spread the news about the 32 T! The image that you show is a test coil made by SuperPower Inc. (The 32 T hasn’t been built yet, and is currently in development).SuperPower collaborates with the Mag Lab on YBCO development.

    The YBCO test coil shown is the first-ever coil made from any high-temperature superconductor to generate 10.4 tesla on its own. The coil also was able to generate an additional 7.5 tesla when tested in the mag lab’s 19.9-tesla, large-bore magnet, which is a more realistic test bed. The cumulative magnetic field of 27.4 tesla is the highest value reached in 11 years of testing high-temperature superconductor magnets in the large-bore magnet.

    This achievement helped make the science and engineering case for going to 32 T.

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