Oxford University in the UK has spun-out a new company, Oxford Yasa Motors, set up to commercialize a lightweight energy efficient electric motor developed at the Department of Engineering Science. The new technology promises to help firms build more efficient electric vehicles. Astute readers will realize that power to weight and the size issues of […]

Lotus Engineering, a division of Lotus, one of the world’s renowned automotive consultants unveiled its Range Extender Engine at the 63rd Frankfurt International Motor Show.  Used in series hybrid vehicles, Range Extender Engines are coupled to an electrical generator to provide a highly efficient source of energy to power the electric motor directly or charge […]

Using Recovery Act funds the Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division at China Lake, Calif., is contracting with the late Dr. Robert Bussard’s firm Energy Matter Conversion Corp., (EMC2) of Santa Fe, N.M., for research, analysis, development, and testing in support of the Plan Plasma Fusion (Polywell) Project.  The Polywell and IEC or internal electrostatic […]

It’s been “four or five years” until cellulosic ethanol gets to viability for years now.  Commercial production has simply been elusive, but not anymore, the tipping point day might be now. Right now 300 million annual gallons of planned commercial-scale cellulosic ethanol plants are in various stages of planning and development across the country, according […]

A raft of prominent people seems to want the masses to believe there is no hope of energy independence.  Of late the Saudi’s Prince Turki Al Faisal checked in to the offer that the Western World and Saudi Arabia are inevitably tied together in the oil market.  The comments follow those such as former CIA […]

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