A British company has found and bred a compost bacterium that may be coming to the U.S. corn ethanol industry.  Chief executive officer Hamish Curran of TMO Renewables Ltd. said in an interview with Reuters on September 15th 2009, “The application of our technology results in the greening of corn ethanol.” Curran said the TMO […]

Chevron’s division Chevron Technology Ventures (CTV) and Mascoma Corporation have come to a feedstock processing and lignin supply agreement. In the deal CTV will provide various sources of lignocellulosic feedstock to Mascoma, which will then convert the feedstock to cellulosic ethanol through its proprietary process, which produces lignin as a by-product. Now it gets interesting. […]

A Great New Light Bulb

September 21, 2009 | 6 Comments

Vu1 Corporation announced last week that their new technology for a light bulb is going into production. It’s a very interesting take on an old technology.  Energy efficient like the compact florescent and pleasing to the eye like an incandescent, the new bulb has a good future. Vu1’s introduction is for their Electron Stimulated Luminescence […]

A new paper from North Carolina State University’s Dr. Stephen Schanz offers a “how-to” guide on intellectual property protection, laying out the options for budding entrepreneurs as they consider how to move forward.  The question at any stage of building out one’s idea is how should a person protect those ideas?  Schanz is offering a […]

Researchers at ETH Zurich are using heated oxygen, ethanol and water pumped into their reactor burner through various pipelines and valves and mix them under temperature and pressure conditions, which correspond to the supercritical state of water (see illustration below) in an effort to get to energy rich deep geothermal rock.  The researchers observe the […]

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