How Coolerado Works

August 16, 2009 | 1 Comment

The Coolerado air conditioner uses a thermodynamic cycle called the Maisotsenko Cycle (M-Cycle) that capitalizes on natural, clean energy – psychrometric energy – found in the atmosphere. The patented Coolerado heat and mass exchanger was developed to economically take advantage of the M-Cycle. A heat and mass exchanger consists of several plates of a special plastic that is designed to wick water evenly on one side and transfer heat through the other side. The plates are stacked on each other, separated by channel guides. The channel guides divide the incoming air stream into product air and working air. The product air is always separate from the working air and stays within dry channels the entire length of the exchanger. The product air is cooled by rejecting its heat to the working air, and can be designed to cool below the wet bulb temperature of the incoming air stream. The product air travels the distance of the exchanger and into the space designated for cooling. The working air initially enters dry channels where it is pre-cooled sensibly before it is fractioned into multiple streams which are directed into wet channels. The heat from the product air is transferred to the working air in the wet channels by means of evaporation, the mass transfer and state change. The heat is exhausted out the sides of the heat mass exchanger and then to the atmosphere. See the Coolerado website for complete details


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  1. shahriar Rohani on February 11, 2012 4:21 AM

    Dear Sir or Madam,

    This is Rohani from tahvieh sepehr Iran.
    I`m intrest to know more about your evaporative coolers.Could you please send me more specification ?
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