It’s coming apart, CO2 as the culprit destroying the atmosphere’s insulating properties, so heating up the planet to a runaway greenhouse like Venus, has the accusations’ bits and parts getting ditched.  A couple weeks ago there was a scandal about how an invited counter view was handled at the American Physical Society and just hours or days later news slipped out that American Chemical Society members are revolting at their journal’s editor for promoting the CO2 scheme. The edge of the corner is here; “believing” in CO2 global warming will cost people jobs and destroy careers in the coming years.

This week the US State Department is late in announcing the approval or disapproval for more access to the U.S. market for Canadian oil suppliers. The extreme environmental crowd has the oil sands and heavy Canadian oil in their sights and is working to slow or stop its import.  By that they will only achieve removing what is 20% of the U.S. oil supply being secure and the opportunity to increase that secure share to 40% in a few years.  Daftness and stupidity know no bounds it seems. But for those of us watching this round of extremism it’s really worrisome.  You can be sure that the Communist Chinese are ready to take supplies that can easily and cheaply come into the U.S.

One could be encouraged, though.  Hard self-respecting scientists have known and realize the CO2 scare is going to have a backflash in their fields with serious consequences.  Getting in front of backpedaling is an extremely good idea, especially if the brakes come on before things like the Canadian’s efforts to supply the North American Continent gets stopped and idiocy like the cap n tax, trade, steal thing gets even more legs.  One can wonder when the mainstream press realizes it too.  We are in a hopeful but very dangerous time.

Some serious science is debunking the CO2 scheme.  I’ve read a few, and factually they are very hard to rewrite into mainstream context.  Its not on my hot list of news we can use, rather its on the watch carefully list.  So when Anthony Watts reprinted Ron House’s piece last week (I asked for reprint permission using Mr. House’s published email address and got a “permanent error” so I’m going to link it to a new page if WordPress can program the server correctly.) I’ve decided to cover it, as it solves rather neatly but incompletely the laws of physics conflict that CO2 warming proposes.  Everyone who passed high school physics will realize the fraud.  Sorry, I’m not plagiarizing Mr. House or swiping his copyrighted material here, but the minor inconvenience is worth it.

The House article starts with “Fred in bed” in the first graphic (A) playing the part of planet earth.  In (B) Fred has a blanket playing the part of the atmosphere, so keeping Fred warm in a night sky.  At (C) Fred is enduring a night sky without the blanket with a visual view of him radiating off the heat.  (D) Has Fred limiting his radiation with a blanket and (E) is just a dark repeat of (A).

There are some missing physics points here, but House makes the case clear that the different heat dissipation or retention processes will result in different patterns of temperature change.  Thus the second law of thermodynamics, the principle of increasing the internal energy of a system, which is not in balance, will increase over time until it reaches balance. OK, that’s greatly simplified, so excuse me.

But as a fact, Fred’s blanket or the atmosphere cannot endlessly accumulate heat.  Passing high school physics debunks CO2 global warming, we’ve known for a very long time that systems like the earth and atmosphere are going to dump heat on the night side.  The notion that 350 parts per million of CO2 is laughable as a heat sink big enough to cause a runaway greenhouse effect.  The earth’s atmosphere is balanced every day with tipping points at dawn and dusk for everyone.

To expose those missing physics points lets look starting in the middle of Fred or at the earth’s core.  The core is energized by the decay of heavy elements such that it rotates forming a magnetic field around the whole planet.  The energy isn’t fully used to achieve balance so the heat also drives continental drift where the heat also escapes into the zones where magma or volcanic material escapes heating the ocean or atmosphere.  Thus planet’s interior achieves balance.

Incoming to the planet is solar, galactic and cosmic radiation, which warms the atmosphere, the ground and the waters of the earth’s surface.  These too will seek balance, using the energy making winds, waves, weather and thermal radiation.  The atmosphere or blanket will balance as determined by the mass of the atmosphere.   What people must keep in mind is a bit of intellectual honesty, which is the components of the atmosphere matter and the rates at which they absorb and release thermal energy. Much is made of that and the misrepresentation of it is a foundation of global warming.  But physics still apply, the slower to respond thermally and hotter components will rise radiating heat more easily as they reach the edge of the blanket.  No matter what, the atmosphere will get to its balance or below it, never will it exceed it.

That makes the energy movement much easier to understand.  Its important to grasp that, as it isn’t the insulating effect that matters it’s the energy inputs and the mass of the blanket that matter.  We live in the radiance of a variable G-type star whose output isn’t a constant feed.  Over time it varies, with not so minor results. Meanwhile the atmosphere spreads around the heat, makes winds, moves water, absorbs the heat, protects us and then dumps heat each night.  Life is possible in such a dynamic cycle.

Steadier still is the heat coming up from the earth.  It forms a magnetosphere that shields us from the worst of the radiation that if absent might well require the atmosphere and oceans to evaporate into space. It forms the dry land with upheavals, it moves the carbon cycle, erases the business of life and forms the beauty any human can see in the features about us.

Many find solace in the “warm blanket” of the atmosphere, a romantic and beautiful metaphor.  But the facts need understood, the atmosphere might be an insulator in a small way, but as a fact it’s a heat exchanger.  When people look at it that way and scientists explain the things humanity needs to be doing, we might not play such a damaging role in endless change of the planetary climate.

Some will say this writer is a global warming denier, which is false, the planet earth’s surface will warm and cool no matter what mankind does.  But the CO2 scare is a con game, a scientific falsehood.  Its time we all passed high school physics and got on with cleaning up our acts in the ways that will matter.


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  1. Matt on August 14, 2009 8:35 AM

    When have environmentalists ever listened to reason? As long as the ‘feel’ they are right – they will continue their war on prosperity.

    “Conservation means development as much as it does protection. I recognize the right and duty of this generation to develop and use the natural resources of our land but I do not recognize the right to waste them, or to rob, by wasteful use, the generations that come after us. I ask nothing of the nation except that it so behave as each farmer here behaves with reference to his own children.”

    Teddy Roosevelt 1910

  2. Al Fin on August 14, 2009 9:05 AM

    Public disillusion with science and science journalism / media will be devastating. Science should be about observations and testing hypotheses. Models are only helpful when playing a subservient role to observations and when ruthlessly tested by observations.

    Popular and political climatology turned the science around, and made observations secondary to the models. Government and private funding agencies have gone along with this distorted approach.

    You can attack aspects of the models, or the models themselves — but true believers in climate catastrophe inside and outside of the catastrophist high priesthood will squeal, fudge, deny, and ignore any contradictions.

    Australian senators voted down Rudd’s idiotic climate scheme recently. Wait and see what a dumbed-down American congress does this fall when faced with the vote on the Obama / Pelosi energy starvation scam. Hope they are as diligent in protecting American interests as the down under senators were in protecting those of Australia.

  3. Brian Hayes on August 14, 2009 2:40 PM

    I look at models to point to good sense and know that we’ll ultimately do battle in the markets. Yet incentives can help and these won’t come from a neighborly billionaire. There’s no doubt we must mediate impact as well as diversify or we risk energy security. Bunk and debunk is politics and politics is dominance. There’s eagerness in it.

    Another tool for the eager is the research of Dr Russell Drysdale suggesting that “the earth emerges from ice ages due in large part to changes in the tilt of the planet in relation to the sun”.

    Tilt? LOL. I wonder if a new ‘pinball theory’ will have any effect on our pinhead politics?

  4. lovepreet on May 20, 2010 1:22 PM

    good job, keep up the good work and earth will be saved, and global warming will go away

  5. Pretty Asian Women Forum · on November 8, 2010 4:40 AM

    global warming is a disaster that we should avoid at all cost but i am afraid that we are too late already “”

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  7. Sohbet on May 29, 2011 7:31 AM

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  8. JohnOh on February 17, 2018 3:55 PM

    I have just tried to add to the Wikipedia site that the CO2 issue is being questioned, making the point that a lot of scientists are now starting to see it may not be the problem. It was rejected on the grounds that I did not have scientific proof. Since when do you need scientific proof you write there are some questions being asked? Its all over the Internet…but it was still rejected!
    I would hope others try and add to that article.

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