It wasn’t even a tanker truck either. A Ford Fusion hybrid could have been the new record holder for the pure stock “hypermiling” distance record with 15 more miles and would be the record holder for the gasoline powered mid-sized sedan had the Guinness Book of Records showed up. So Ford gets to bask in […]

Last week saw Helion Energy enter the public domain with some proved up technology. The project looks like a spin-off from prior work by John Slough at the University of Washington. Some think in the forums about the field that there is potential here. Helion’s technology in the greatly simplified form is about fusion from […]

Two terms, energy density and specific energy are commonly used here and in many sites that are linked or as sources. Email messages make clear that not every reader is on to just what these mean or how and why the terms are of such significance. Fossil fuels are so popular because of the energy […]

In the face of peak oil clamoring, Cap and Trade threats to the economy and other bits of problems keeping us emotionally going, the oil business just keeps on with its incredible innovation. The news from Brazil with its giant offshore oil finds, China’s effort to buy into reserves worldwide and the incessant irrational price […]

Los Alamos National Laboratory researchers have discovered a potential chink in the armor of fibers that make the cell walls of certain inedible plant materials so tough. The insight ultimately could lead to a cost-effective and energy-efficient strategy for turning biomass into alternative fuels. The tie that bedevils using the great mass of available lignocellulosic […]

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