LENR, the acronym for Low Energy Nuclear Reactions is the label commonly used by serious science to describe the phenomena that experiments express for many researchers. LENR started life with the discovery that started in 1989 by Martin Fleishmann and Stanley Pons, becoming a global scientific sensation known as cold fusion, only to blow apart […]

Across the planet food production has seen a dramatic increase in production from hybrid plant development and genetic research on to seeds with improved yield and pest traits. The results have gone well past the starvation minimums of times past with the continued growth in human population the sole pressure for more food. What science […]

An economic slowdown has a way of focusing attention. The ultracapacitor or supercapacitor field is a growing one for an important reason. The carbon tax, or “carbon cap and trade” to throw off the unthoughtful, is having an impact on long term planning. The Obama administration has floated income to the government of $600 billion […]

Here really bright people get noticed. Especially those that demonstrate they have some sense, you know like common sense. Dr. James Sweeney at Stanford comes to mind. Now we’ll add Professor Richard A. Muller at UC Berkeley. I haven’t met him as I have Sweeney, but Kerry Dolan wrote about Professor Muller in Forbes Magazine […]

If the news item had appeared anywhere other than EurekAlert I’d have blown it off. Then the press release subtitle of “His discovery is a ‘proof of principle’ of the existence of a ‘spin battery’” both baited and repelled me. Press releases can be devilish things. Yet the paper and the supplemental notes make a […]

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