Everyone from private consumers and business to industrial producers on to top policy makers are circling around an issue that shouldn’t be an issue, the matter of storing energy with fuels or push for electricity in batteries and capacitors. The problem is primarily for providing the power sources that are mobile and portable. A major […]

Electroporation or electropermeablization is electrical pulses quickly applied to cell’s walls or the cell plasma membrane that poke holes or permeate cells such that materials can be sent into a cell or extracted. It’s being used now in the medical field to introduce medicines into cells. The process is now about to come to market […]

The Efficiency Problem

February 11, 2009 | 1 Comment

It isn’t easy to get the mass of people to move to efficiency. Big consumption equals a bigger ego, a perception of higher status and raw emotional gratification. It could be connected to the sin of pride or some such, but the other side has attractions too. Getting efficiency has a more reasoned gratification; a […]

Raser Technologies, Inc., a NYSE traded firm (RZ) announced it has released a video news report updating shareholders and the public on its progress to complete the full-sized SUV plug-in hybrid electric (PHEV) demonstration vehicle incorporating the Company’s Symetron technologies. Working in conjunction with FEV and a yet to be named global auto manufacturer, they […]

OSU with partners Texas A&M University and the University of Michigan are to build a one-quarter scale reactor and test design, to see what works best, simulate accidents, and provide safety data to regulatory agencies. The facility itself will cost $3.6 million of a five-year, $6 million grant from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, with $2.4 […]

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