The Edison Electric Institute, a creature of the utility industry, has a paper out that outlines what they believe are the technologies that would be most beneficial to “reducing greenhouse gas emissions.” Its also an outline of where they think investment must go to reduce fossil fuel use and keep the grid running at proper […]

Robert Rapier has his “Renewable Diesel Primer” up on his site R-Squared Energy Blog and its in Mr. Rapier’s classic technologically top form. It’s a read and bookmark kind of page. If you use diesel, sell, or invest in the market this is a great piece to have ready access to and for giving to […]

This is a guest post by Charles Barton. Charles is a retired counselor who writes the Energy from Thorium blog. It covers in some detail the broad aspects of the advantages of thorium as a fuel source in fission reactions. His father Dr. Charles Barton, Senior, worked at Oak Ridge National Laboratory for 28 years. […]

Later today then President Obama will give his inaugural address. There isn’t much likelihood that the speech will directly discuss banking and the mess its in or how to get the mess straightened up. I expect soaring rhetoric and hot air. The title today is a take off Shakespeare’s oft quoted, “lets kill all the […]

Greg Scholes and Elisabetta Collini of University of Toronto´s Department of Chemistry are investigating how light initiates physical processes at the molecular level and how humans might take better advantage of that fact by looking specifically at conjugated polymers that are believed to be one of the most promising candidates for building efficient organic solar […]

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