Perhaps nothing rates as nutty as the idea now thoroughly adopted by so many that CO2 is a dangerous gas. So lets have a quick review of what it will be like to have it treated as such. Carbon moves through the planetary system’s carbon cycle to the plant kingdom in one form only. Atmospheric […]

Ohio State University research leader Professor Malcolm Chisholm at the Department of Chemistry and two noted researchers at the National Taiwan University Department of Chemistry have their new photovoltaic solar material research published by the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science. The excitement is about a synthesized electrically conductive plastic combined with metals including […]

Somehow since James Carville’s famous comment in the first Clinton campaign of “It’s the Economy, Stupid!” the press/media has dimly followed along and its doing the same idiot practice of letting campaign managers and spin doctors lead the press corps about like leashed pets. Groan . . . Just a few weeks ago the press […]

Maria Sudiro and her colleagues at the University of Padova, Department of Chemical Engineering in Italy and Foster Wheeler Italiana Spa, Milan, Italy are reporting that a new process could eliminate key obstacles to expanded use of coal gasification. Today’s processes for converting coal into much-needed liquid fuels are uneconomical again at $70 oil and […]

It seems like this election season is filled with more attention from the media than any in memory. Its not, rather there is a lot more venues for election information to get to people. The old media like newspapers and radio, the middle aged outlets of TV are supplanted by several cable news channels, news […]

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