Somehow since James Carville’s famous comment in the first Clinton campaign of “It’s the Economy, Stupid!” the press/media has dimly followed along and its doing the same idiot practice of letting campaign managers and spin doctors lead the press corps about like leashed pets. Groan . . . Just a few weeks ago the press fell for the end of the current business cycle with leaving the national security of our persons, family, friends, homes and businesses out in the cold with certain politician’s comments and activities to mislead the public that somehow creditors facing their risks was a American and world wide crises.

OK, maybe for some the burst credit bubble was a crisis. But lots of folks lose lots of money all the time so it was justified that bankers and security holders get bit for the loans they shouldn’t have made. I don’t get bailed out or rescued when my borrowers leave me holding the bag so just why is it that the big guys get to saddle the little guys with their deadbeat losses? Sorry, back on point-

Meanwhile . . . the political campaigns went both ways – jumping into the Congressional fray on the one side and the other offering soothing rhetoric and nothing of consequence other than plans for lots more programs and special care for special people.

But the fact remains, a hard and unassailable fact, no security equals no economy, ask anyone who is or was in a war torn country anytime in history. That shows why the American founders made clear that the President’s first duty is Commander in Chief of the armed forces. Certain presidential campaigns to the contrary, rhetoric included, most of the media has completely missed doing their jobs.

In more recent history American has been blessed. Except for the Revolutionary War, the War of 1812 and the Civil War we’ve been spared having major combat operations in our country. The prime lesson learned during those early wars was that it’s much, much better to take the fight to the enemy than wait to fight in the streets and fields at home. All the wars since the Civil War have been taken to the enemy, on his ground, destroying his economy, property and lives. This spares Americans lives and property and has enabled the U.S. to become the standing superpower, the safest place on earth, bar none.

I don’t know if its naivety, the charm of the neophyte or reticence of race in America to fail to call one candidate on his security credentials. Cheered and funded by American’s enemies who have tried to slip the campaign money, of which much has been caught and quietly returned, one has to wonder if VP candidate Joe Biden was right Sunday in expressing his concerns that the Democrat Candidate will be tested. My foreign friends are certain he’s right and simply quite alarmed because:

Electing neophytes will cost lives and treasure. It might even be worse than Biden’s suggestion in recalling John F. Kennedy’s test from Khrushchev as Kennedy had war experience, and a fighting spirit. The Democrat Candidate has neither one expressible in terms that evil and dangerous people will understand. There certainly will not be a rush to “get out of the sights” as when the Iranians got the embassy hostages out of Tehran ASAP when Reagan was sworn in. Nor will any tyrants, dictators or terrorists feel threatened by a candidate who as far as anyone can tell has never even seen a fist raised in anger comin’ at ‘em.

Opposite to this is a candidate who refused an early exit from war prisoner incarceration and torture to spare his country the humiliation of a high-ranking officers son being released ahead of others. The choice was offered and America’s self respect was reinforced by a refusal by one serviceman at the risk of his own life.

Experience is a sure guide to making choices in candidates for office. Temper and character are the primary tools to guide the behavior of worst of the world’s power holders. As the Italian writer Niccolò Machiavelli put the question, “Is it better to be loved or feared?” the answer in all of humanity’s history is for the sake of security – better to be feared.

Many quietly believe the Democrat Candidate is getting a pass from the media, press and much of the public. Some believe its race, and race guilt is a more likely cause, but outside of the U.S. this won’t work at all. Rather it’s a huge opportunity to those who would do the free peoples of the world ill deeds, as intentional blindness is the biggest open door to trouble possible.

The choice is a guy who’ll put his life on the line for honor alone or a guy who wants talk it out. So who is it you’re going to trust with your life, family’s lives and the community of America?

Reality Check – Here is the oath of office. “I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.” The treatise is quite instructive.

Not much campaigning and media or press reporting on who might be best at that job is there? My personal reality check is, “Who do I trust?” Give me the known fighter, please. High-sounding talk is too cheap for my loved one’s lives.


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