The blog world enjoys the massive advantage of such an incredibly wide range of information views. Out front is Al Fin whose “Primary interest is seeing the best of humanity survives long enough to reach the next level.” One not just for laughs, but adding some insightful points is his post “How Politicians Can Help Solve the Energy Shortages.”

Then Robert Rapier, being a really bright fellow, with a sound background in the oil and chemical field has boiled over on the daft ideas coming from the presidential candidates. I admit to being amused at Mr. Rapier’s riposte in his post “Hillary’s Stupid Energy Plan.” from the man whose page legend is “Because Everyone Is Entitled to My Opinion.”

Sometimes I wish I could be a bug on the wall as Al goes looking for his ideas to post. His native humor seems a little ironic and sardonic mixed together. But, I sure see the value of the oils, proteins, carbs and minerals in each politician’s body mass and at the rate they are going, they are worth more reformed into useful products.

Somehow, Mr. Rapier looks at the politicians and has some form of positive expectation that I think promotes the doom and gloomy view he has of the energy economy. The subtle theme of sadness in his post tears at the heart, yes, Hillary’s plan is stupid. But, how could anyone expect anything else? It may bring a tear to the eye of the well informed to read the loonyness that Clinton offers soundly presented by Mr. Rapier.

Al makes me laugh, feeds hope and criticizes with aplomb without a meanness or a zoomy flirtation with the physically impossible. Al is a “glass half full” sort of guy. Mr. Rapier sets me back, makes in part the case that energy doom is coming toward us, a “glass half empty” kind of fellow.

The insight I hope to share is that as right as both of these fine men are the facts need viewed with a cold hard eye. Politics isn’t going to solve any problems, rather it will likely make things worse. Sound policy is an elusive thing that almost defies agreement in compromise, which is the successful end from the democratic process.

Today the energy issue is only for some a serious issue, based on disposable income. But its affecting important things like police patrols and protection. Then there is the transport of goods that is dependent on fuels for moving things like food and other necessary supplies. We’re in much more trouble than generally thought.

More trouble is on the way. The popular press doesn’t get it and that is who sets the “attention agenda” for most people. The blog world is still small, and frankly, it has plenty of junk to mislead the masses, too. Yet the odds that one can find the information that will give a person good knowledge looks better served in the blog world than the popular press. The blog world offers much more than popular topics, it often looks much deeper and broader into the themes and trends that matter. The path out of the energy mess is out there in the blog world, somewhere. Maybe here. Or here.

Right now, the “tears and fears” crowd is in the lead for authority by readers. There is nothing quite like selling reinforcing information and views to create an emotional following. In today’s circumstances that’s understandable.

In the end though, 5% of the people will make things happen, 15% will be in on it. Of the other 80%, in the top 40% some will agree the others oppose. The last 40% won’t know and don’t care.

One last thought in closing. In my youth as frustrations with others mounted, a Grandfather counseled me and pointed out, “Now calm down, remember half the people have IQs under 100.” Its a good chuckle now, but:

They vote.


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