Technology that encapsulates atomic fuel first conceived and researched as early as the 1950s at the Oakridge National Laboratory and in partnership with West German teams has re-emerged and recovered to levels approximate to the best achieved in the 1960s by the West German teams. Today’s efforts lead by the Idaho National Laboratory with members […]

With the very knowledgeable folks in a stunned sense of realization that biomass is the oil reserve that dwarfs Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, and all of OPEC, and everything else combined and would not deplete, the connections to the excitement are to a chemical process called pyrolysis, that everyone else is wondering about. Pyrolysis is cooking. […]

Renewables are all the rage and biomass sources are leaders in using solar energy to catch atmospheric CO2 into hard forms such as plant materials to use for feedstocks for fuel production. Bit how viable is biomass? There is already a backlash to the U.S. corn to ethanol effort with food production diverted to fuel, […]

OK, maybe it’s a personal problem with Brian Westenhaus. A dollar’s worth of gasoline is equal to just less than $1.43 for ethanol at the gas pump to run the vehicle. Butanol comes with very high octane and a $1.06 value. The gasoline to match the butanol octane would have to have additives (ethanol) to […]

It took awhile to get to past the press release information about GM’s investment in Coskata. All the hype buried the technology, and understandably so as the proposition of $1 ethanol is interesting. Under all that is the technology. Lets see what is going on. Whatever is chosen to be used for a feedstock, its […]

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