Some time back another fusion view was offered by Karl Schroeder, more famed for his science fiction work than his noticeable knowledge about technology. But the fiction guys have a long and distinguished history of getting the future plotted for us and when one of the better insight makers offers his thoughts, they are well […]

Hold that thought, we’re in for a rush whether it’s a guffaw of derision, the wonder of amazement or a simple jolt of curiosity – this is a significant post. Thane Heins of Almonte, Canada, a former student of electronics found himself pondering now magnets could be used to improve generators. Twenty-one years and a […]

While the screaming goes on about CO2 and global warming there are hard science efforts underway that will benefit sound thinking about the future of fuels. As many readers know, the most useful and “safe” fuels are carbon based, and they harbor a lot of hydrogen in their content. Hydrogen enriched carbon is for the […]

The paradox that the independent oil company faces about finding new reserves is much the same as what the economy faces in bringing alternatives to oil on the market. As the thinking in the major oil companies is getting the light of day now, we can see what may be coming in the alternative fuel […]

Not enough people. The drilling for oil has sucked up every qualified drilling person worldwide. Most of the best and easy or shallow locations are working or spoken for leaving the great mass of the available locations deeper than the short depth guys and their equipment can go. As an example, Exxon Mobil has completed […]

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