For many of us watching football today is the dullest of possible ways to use the day.  On the other hand if my team had made it to a New Years Day Game I’d be much more interested.

It’s a good day to learn something new or get more knowledgeable.  Here, one of the most favored researchers is Professor Cutler Cleveland, lately of Boston University and Editor-in-Chief of the Encyclopedia of Earth, Editor-in-Chief of the Encyclopedia of Energy, the Dictionary of Energy and the Journal of Ecological Economics.  Nate Hagens at The Oil Drum has reposted a recent paper by Professor Cleveland “On Energy Transitions Past and Future.”  I looked at this in a market share way a few days back and have been saving this link for today as it s a sound, thought provoking paper that teaches without lording over the reader and offers a wide range of information that supports the title.  Although rather long, it’s worth the time from the level of policy maker all the way to consumer.  Its well organized and reads easily.  It covers the more technical areas such as energy density and power density.  It’s a gold mine of information that helps in grasping the strong trends and the finer detail in fuels and the energy they represent.

Next, a premier site, Technology Review published by MIT has published a three part series about biofuels.  David Rotman writes very professionally and covers the field in an interesting and informative way.  While I could nitpick some of the assertions as being from the more public misinformed side of some issues the article does cover the matter with aplomb and dignity.  He hasn’t whipped the ethanol folks or engaged in misleading energy returned on energy invested notions. It’s balanced even if a some facts are off a bit.

Starting here with “Part I: The Price of Biofuels,” Mr. Rotman goes into ethanol.  At Part II he’s looking into cellulosic production, and in Part III looks into the synthetic and designer types of biofuels and the economic issues that bedevil the development of alternatives to liquid fossil fuels.  An informative read that might be something to pass on.

Biofuels are an important part of any long-term energy solution for fueling mobile power, or remote power needs.  When these two offerings are considered your New Year will be more knowledgeable and based in more wisdom.  When I read them I found myself building more confidence that the economy and mankind will continue to progress and should allow ever more of the world’s people energy and fuels to improve their lives too.


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