Kazimierz Holubowicz is a physicist skilled in quantum electrodynamics that was paralyzed by a stroke years ago. Now disabled and retired Mr. Holubowicz was challenged by his son to occupy his time with problems that would offer some solutions to the planet’s problems. In the course of eight years of thought, design and patent applications […]

I was invited by the senior communications person at the American Petroleum Institute to tour the soon to be installed Blind Faith oil and natural gas production platform south east of New Orleans. It’s a multibillion dollar project, starting with buying seismic data for lease tracts, bidding for the leases out in 7000 feet of […]

The Weekend Link List

November 16, 2007 | 1 Comment

Yesterday we discussed James Hunt and the background on the hydrogen generator system his company is developing. So this release at Penn State with a microbial electrolysis cell system that’s yielding either 1:1.44 or 1:2.88 depending on what the writer meant is a confirmation of sorts and now there is a biological solution, too. Even […]

James Hunt is a man in his mid 30s who in the course of his studies at Carl Sandburg College in Galesburg Illinois engineered a portable hydrogen generator. As something of a leader Mr. Hunt set up an inventors club on the campus. It seems the generator is impressive enough that the college has assisted […]

Dmitry Orlov, bless ‘em, has a talk he made last winter archived at EnergyBulletin.net.  As a man with an extensive history in dealing with Russians I can easily see that Mr. Orlov is trying in his way to warm our hearts and awaken our minds while not disturbing our souls. But I’m an American and […]

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