Are you thinking that this post is a reality check on the viability of the space based power system? Nope. It’s a reality check of the stories in the press about what is in the report so you and I can learn something worthwhile. The report is titled “Space-Based Solar Power As an Opportunity for […]

Algae Answers the Call

October 16, 2007 | 2 Comments

Its time to get ready for a strong set of stories and information articles proposing that algae will be the crude oil of the future. There are some strong indicators that the algae industry my have the strongest set of resources for displacing crude oil as the prime source of high density fuel sources. Leading […]

We’ve all seen the common photovoltaic solar collector, a flat plate of gray silicon with small gray or reddish lines dividing and carrying the current. Their main cost is that silicon sheet which in most configurations requires the sheet to collect the sunlight directly and as straight on to perpendicular to the sunlight as possible. […]

Grow Your Own! It’s a bit of a shock to realize what grim life styles would come when oil for fuel to grow food for 6 billion people becomes cost prohibitive. This article doesn’t really address the alternatives that will over time to displace the oil use; rather it just dives in to describe what […]

That satirical headline is more true than you might think. I found Mathew Maavek’s article “We Are In A Bad Fix” here: In this article Mr. Maavek has explored the “peaks” that are now in the news or will be. Topping his list is the “peak” of financial irresponsibility shown in the upper echelons […]

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