The Weekend Link List

September 28, 2007 | Leave a Comment

Here are some links that will entertain, amuse, stimulate and perhaps astonish you over the weekend.

Jeremy Faldi offers some insight on how we might view our own thinking as we examine the possibilities of oncoming technology. Think of it a perhaps a guide to think skeptically rather than cynically. See:

Graham Toquer writes about what he thinks the cold fusion of Fleischmann and Pons really was. Titled “Extra Dimensional Power” perhaps the procedure could use more research, after all looking for fusion rather than some form of energy output are different things. The procedure may well yield some chemical process information if looked at from the widest possible view. See:

Peak Food? That’s right not peak oil. It’s rather spooky and has some good facts behind the idea. We looked at this indirectly earlier in the week, but this article from Wednesday smacks the nail head more squarely. See:

Here is a really noteworthy piece about drilling in Tennessee. There was a superb well that blew out when it was drilled and caught everyone of guard making a huge environmental mess which when the regulators got involved stalled the development of the area. This is a good story and something of a pleasure to see that the US has some more local oil to find. See:


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