Brian Bloom has written a very good piece about the nuclear fission construction prospects in the US.  See:

Brian starts off looking at two issues; the first is the inconsistency of US atomic fission power generation and how it seems contradictory to oppose development in Iran and the atomic fission industry’s attempt to catch a taxpayer freebee with 50 billions dollars of guarantees.  They must have some worrying suspicions about the alternatives coming. I would worry, too.

Brian does point out that fission is pretty cheap for generating power.  Its all the very long-term problems it brings that cause one to pause and think.  It even looks like the guarantee deal is set to position the taxpayers so that they also will have a powerful incentive to keep the fission industry whole if the alternatives were to gut the economics of the business.  To quote, “ . . . [The fission industry] can be expected to lobby vociferously against these new technologies. “We have $100 billion capital invested, half of which is public money flowing from the $50 billion equity risk guarantees that we conned you into giving us.”  That is a much more powerful thought than first glance would reveal.  After all, there are economically functioning fission plants now so why on earth would they need taxpayer bailout coverage now?  Obviously they suspect that alternatives will spoil their advantage if not make the technology irrelevant.  One would think everyone from the coal lobby to the most exotic new technology researchers would be opposed to such an astonishing boondoggle.

Brian fills out the details and winds up with the question “Which energy paradigm should be embraced?”  He gives a good answer and offers some points to use in the consideration.  A good, informative quick read.


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