“Gail The Actuary” asked “Shunyata,” both contributors at theoildrum.com, about the US global debt and the US balance of payments. Now let me say these two are pretty sophisticated people who know their stuff. Gail’s questions were pretty general yet quite on point for a major part of the price of oil. Shunyata in his turn accurately oversees the current situation as raised by the questions.

The excitement begins when looking through the comments. Here is where the relationships, history and personal punditry get quite interesting and informative. It’s a sharp group. See:


Noteworthy contributors are “RealMichigan,” “auntiegrav,” “SamuM,” “WNC Observer,” “garyp,” “advancednano,” “Pitt the Elder,” “step back,” and so very many others.

Near the end “It Aint So Bad” and “damac” hit on perhaps the most salient point that matters to the rest of us. It’s the living standards that will get adjusted, world wide both up and down. The question is whose will go up and whose down?

I haven’t had an occasion to review and link to a blog entry and comments that are so enlightening as well as quite informing and entertaining. This is one hot thread! Well worth a look.


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  1. Edwas on June 27, 2010 4:25 PM

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