Brian Bloom has responded to our review last week about his 6th installment of the series “Migrating to New Energy Paradigms.” He’s real sharp. The full response is at:

The paper is presented on two levels. The first is a direct answer to the question about keeping the technologies he hints at as “under his shirt.” I accept his answer and propose everyone have a look.

The second level is much more complex. Here Brian is describing the course of events involved with new technology adoption. It defies condensing as a review. If you’re interested in a discourse on what Brian sees as the likely progression of new technological advances, a strong recommendation is being made. He’s good and any businessperson or curious consumer would do very well to grasp the points Brian makes.

I want to thank Brian Bloom for his effort in answering our concerns. It was never meant to slight him and he gentlemanly took us at our word and responded with great dignity and intellectual execution. It has been a great pleasure to become acquainted with him. His climate views can be said to be outside the mainstream, but that will be a temporary thing. Keep the up the good work, Brian. It is appreciated here. offers the full set of articles on the link page above.


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