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August 13, 2007 | 2 Comments

Ali Erdemir offers up some really interesting findings for slicking up lubricants and fuels in the press release here:

The research comes from the Dr’s. long term look at boric acid that has worked into a very helpful addition for making lubricants and fuels much more effective.

The Argonne news release is top flight, on point and deserves a quick read. It noted that the delay is coming from the obvious need for safety and environmental tests, so unless there is some discovery yet to come in those procedures there looks to be another surge in fuel efficiency and mechanical longevity.

The jump off the page statement is the possibility of 4-5% fuel efficiency gain. That’s no small thing. If this research can get to market and become adopted widely it offers benefits fully equal to the current state of the ethanol adventure.

I found the notations about a use for getting sulfur and other fuel lubricants out of diesel as real interesting. With the ultra low sulfur diesel getting to be commonplace, and the current lubricity additives having some post ignition effects that are not so great both for the air and the fuel delivery kit of the engine any improvement would be very, very welcome. Diesel is the current leader for fuels that are energy dense and anything that can expand its use will be beneficial.

Boric acid comes from boron obviously. I’m sure attuned to boron’s new value. At the Argonne labs Dr Erdemir is making a huge stride to getting to lubricant that takes friction out of the mechanical apparatus, Dr. Bussard is using it to fuel his fusion reactor and Dr. Rostoker’s freshly funded fusion reactor is proposing to use it, too! And that’s just what comes to mind from the past few weeks.

Boron is a proton short of carbon and exhibits very different qualities. It’s massively abundant like carbon and those two thoughts leave one wondering what else mankind can get, make, invent, create using these elements and those near them on the periodic table.


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