Global Warming, is it a scam, scandal, swindle or muckraking?

Ah, is there a trail for a story in that list? When the “global warming” thing first entered into my awareness I was being bombarded by politicians and their followers clamoring for attention about what they were selling as a “catastrophe in progress.”

You know, politicians are always on the lookout for an idea or issue that the other guy can’t do a good riposte about. And truthfully the global warming thing has been so emotionalized that a conversation is real hard unless you are a mainstream thinker and the other person is too. The polarizing effect of the muckraking has been so successful that the “Debate is Over!” What debate was that? I missed it.

The debate that was and still goes on in the science circles where the emotions are cooler is about the data. The “global warming” crowd relies on a pool of suspect, misleading, poor quality data and uses the base it makes for interpretation of an array of things like geophysical research. Which is how you get to swindle.

But, there was global warming. From about the mid 1970s until the early 2000s. The data is there. Except that it was cooler before and cooler since. Meanwhile the “evil” causes made by mankind have been increasing steadily for more than 100 years. What a paradox! The cooler heads are quietly teaching people that the means of keeping us from frying in the sunlight and freezing in the dark is the effects from the earth’s magnetosphere and atmosphere. Oddly, the scandal is leaving out so much useful information for all of us to use. Which would “cool” the momentum of the “global warming” movement.

Things to keep in mind while watching the emotionally charged sales pitches are:

  1. The magnetosphere’s north pole is as near to the geophysical North Pole as anytime in known history. All the radiation of the sun comes through the magnetosphere and as it shifts to closer to the true north, the angle of the radiation’s approach is more direct or head on. The variable solar radiation and the magnetosphere’s effects don’t seem to be getting much attention.
  2. The sun’s radiation is the whole source of energy for warming the earth’s surface.The atmosphere is like a transmission that absorbs filters and distributes the radiation.The carrying capacity of the atmosphere to hold thermal energy is determined by the three main gasses, nitrogen, oxygen and water vapor.The variable one is water vapor.The remaining gases are such a small part as to be barely noticeable.But its clouds and humidity that matter, from sea level on up.
  3. Mankind does have an effect on the atmosphere. We pave and roof and dam up flowing water all of which either radiates warmth into the air or adds to the atmosphere’s water vapor content. I just can’t imagine that’s a bad thing as we cool in the coming years.
  4. The biosphere of the earth has benefited greatly to mankind’s advantage from the warming. Better crops, lower heating costs in the winter season and a long list of good things.But the biosphere is busily feasting on the CO2 and if man can reduce the output of CO2 or engages in impounding or sequestering CO2 the minor value that CO2 offers will be lost.


It’s just a scandal that so much important and useful information is lost in the muckraking and swindle. But we all know the old saying, tell a lie enough times it will become the truth. Facts be damned, I guess.

Here’s the scam. What started as muckraking, and was energized by human care and emotions into a movement has been so well sold that its been co-opted by the financial crowd. Horrors! I should think, from the ecological crowd. As for the rest of us the plan is something like this: The producer, or somewhere, or many places along the line of getting and using a carbon based fuel will have to pay a “fee” for the use and in turn those who can impound or sequester carbon get paid. Well, some. You just know the sticky finger law will apply in this – payable to the financial crowd. Horrors! I should think for about everyone else.

Yes, some farmers will get a pittance for “sequestering” carbon or somebody pumping CO2 into deep rocks might make a buck, but the traders and their “system” will make a killing. We’re all going to pay more for anything that comes from a carbon base or gets moved or fueled by a carbon feedstock like coal or crude oil. It will be a lot more money over a not very long time because like all things where there is an economic passage of money, the passing people keep a percentage, so the more money the better for them. Just like taxes and insurance – when did they ever go down?

Here where we must get really worried. Its only a matter of time until someone at the United Nations realizes that the biggest carbon sink for sequestering carbon on the planet is the oceans and well, the UN owns them don’t they? Imagine the volumes of money that will flow to the UN for its good deeds if they can co-opt “global warming” and carbon sequestration, too. Imagine the pressure to increase the “fee” for saving the planet and doing good deeds? The biggest tax scam in mankind’s history is just about slap your family or business budget.

For consumers and businesses this is a coming disaster of historical proportions.


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  1. Wes on July 31, 2007 5:55 PM

    They will have your X over the truth. But I’m glad to see someone is using some facts. I really didn’t think about where the carbon credit scheme might end up. Its damn scary. Somebody has gotta pay and it us!

  2. M. Simon on August 10, 2007 2:32 PM

    You left out data adjusting and phony statistics – The Mann hockey stick among others.

    Plus data and methods are hard to come by. Which is not science.

  3. Brian Westenhaus on August 13, 2007 11:32 AM

    Thanks, M. You have raised the prominent point, all the stuff left out. I can’t say man hasn’t had a global effect on the earth’s surface and atmosphere with a straight face. But there is so much left out, soots, particulates, re-radiating thermal energy, etc,its a huge list.

    So any thing you could add will be welcome. Those matters might make bullet point list worth an article somewhere and if I see or hear about it it WILL get reviewed and circulated. THANKS M! Anything else, sir?

  4. Barrett on November 13, 2012 9:58 PM

    The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration of the US government has
    announced only last September, the global average for the period January
    to August 2010 is 580F (14. This can impact both worldwide and local patterns of climate and atmosphere-ocean circulation.
    See how much of this change is attributed to greenhouse gases,
    albedo (i.

  5. Signature at Yishun on September 15, 2015 4:26 AM

    Yes i do agreed that we people does have an effect on the atmosphere. We really need to take good care of this issue. It’s real serious.

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