A research team from the University of Alberta (U of A) has used carbon nanomaterials to develop next generation batteries capable of charging faster and lasting longer than today’s standard lithium ion batteries. The new and now rechargeable Lithium Carbon battery with this dual element storage mechanism of Lithium and Carbon induced with Fluorine (Li-CF) [...]

An electric vehicle (EV) mass market depends on a much better battery. Researchers in Germany and Canada have now synthesized a new material that could make progress in the way forward to state-of-the-art lithium-sulfur batteries. Much of the EV industry is putting most of its hope in lithium-sulfur batteries, which have a very high storage [...]

University of Southern California (USC) scientists have developed a rechargeable battery that is all organic and could be scaled up easily for use in power plants. The battery could make the energy grid more resilient and efficient by creating a large-scale means to store energy for use as needed. This level of battery sophistication could [...]

The new aluminum air battery would recharge by filling it up with water. A no plug in electric car? That might sell, but its not the whole story. Alcoa Canada and Canadian clean technology company Phinergy have introduced a zero-emissions electric demo car powered by the revolutionary aluminum air battery. The team of companies are [...]

University of Central Florida nanotechnology scientists Professor Jayan Thomas and his Ph.D. student Zenan Yu have developed a way to both transmit and store electricity in a single lightweight copper wire. Sounds incredible, but it may become a reality. Today electrical cables are used only to carry electricity. This is a very impressive research feat. [...]

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