NASA’s Innovative Advanced Concepts (NIAC) program has started a Phase I effort to explore the overall viability and advance the Technology Readiness Level (TRL) for an orbital power station project called “SPS Alpha”, or Solar Power Satellite – Alpha. Last August, Artemis Innovation Management Solutions was selected for a NASA NIAC award to dive into [...]

Carl Peart of New Mexico has a very different take on the electro mechanical battery (EMB) – solve the inherent problems of friction with air and bearings – by using them in orbital power stations.  No air or gravity, only centrifugal forces for drag. An EMB (a technical description of a flywheel) stores energy through [...]

Late last week after a 6 ½ month wait, the California Public Utilities Commission approved Pacific Gas & Electric’s power purchase agreement with Solaren. If Solaren successfully deploys its space-based solar collectors, the deal would be the first of its kind and the first commercial space based energy production at commercial scale. PG&E has contracted [...]

Xenotech Research, headed by Sir Charles Shults III, has several projects under way.  The most interesting is the move to New Mexico close to the Spaceport America site that broke ground for construction just a couple weeks back.  Sir Charles has recently been negotiating with Gene Meyers and Terry Martin of Space Island Group about [...]

PowerSat Corp. has filed a provisional patent for two technologies called BrightStar and Solar Power Orbital Transfer, that are expected make the transmission of space solar power more cost-effective by reducing the price for launch and operation of systems as large as 2,500 megawatts by about $1 billion. This follows Solaren’s recently signed deal for [...]

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