National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) scientists have put firm numbers on the high costs of installing pipelines to transport hydrogen fuel and also found a way to reduce those costs. The scientists calculated that hydrogen-specific steel pipelines can cost as much as 68% more than natural gas pipelines. But the research is showing […]

A researcher team at MIT led by professors Evelyn Wang and Jing Kong, has developed a way of coating copper with graphene. An important use would be condensing steam back to water. A thin coating on copper condensers could make power plants more efficient, the MIT scientists report. Most of the world’s electricity-producing power plants […]

Researchers at Temple University and the University of Maryland has discovered a new class of magnets that expand their volume when placed in a magnetic field and generate negligible amounts of wasteful heat during energy harvesting. The researchers, Harsh Deep Chopra, professor and chair of mechanical engineering at Temple, and Manfred Wuttig, professor of materials […]

The Department of Energy, Office of Science has announced the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) discovered a new metal oxide that allows oxygen ions to move through the material quickly and easily at lower temperatures. The new metal oxide’s atomic structure includes highly ordered arrays of missing oxygen atoms. This structure allows oxygen ions to […]

Researchers at Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft have built a new type of steel blade for wind turbines formed from a 1.0 mm steel sheet and featuring integrated, folded reinforcement. Today’s wind turbines use very large rotor blades made with fiber-reinforced plastics that are almost impossible to recycle. But steel blades recycling ability exceeds 90 percent. Plus they cost […]

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