The Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR) has announced an oxide/carbon composite outperforms expensive platinum composites in oxygen chemical reactions for green energy devices. Electrochemical devices are essential for a green energy evolution in which clean alternatives replace carbon-based fuels. Green energy device market growth requires conversion systems that produce hydrogen from water or […]

Researchers at Brown University Institute for Molecular and Nanoscale Innovation have come up with a new way of making thin perovskite films for solar cells at room temperature. In just five years of development hybrid perovskite solar cells have attained power conversion efficiencies that took decades to achieve with the top-performing silicon semiconductor materials used […]

Aalto University researchers in Finland have succeeded in creating an electrocatalyst made of carbon and iron used for storing electric energy by replacing platinum. The Finns are focused on the challenge that comes with the increased use of renewable energy – how to store electric energy. Platinum has traditionally been used as the electrocatalyst in […]

The Toyota Central Research & Development Labs. Inc. in Japan are involved in research to develop catalysts that are controlled at the quantum level. This research path is leading the way towards a new generation of automotive catalytic converters. Success here should have an impact across the board in catalyst research. Catalytic converters change the […]

Northwestern University scientists are the first to develop a catalyst that can perform a remarkable feat found only in nature: take nitrogen from the air and turn it into ammonia under natural conditions. (Ammonia is the critical component in fertilizer.) If fully realized the process might displace more than 1 percent of world energy use. […]

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