Using biodiesel as well as regular diesel in a fuel cell is for many an incredible idea. The Research Council of Norway’s RENERGI program Technical Director Dag Øvrebø is developing a new type of electric power supply unit with core components of a smart diesel reformer and a tolerant fuel cell. The system is environmentally […]

On Thursday October 30th the API’s Jane Van Ryan hosted another blogger conference call. Audio links are at the bottom of the page. Click here for the pdf. I led off the questions asking why diesel isn’t following gasoline down in price. It is but only in part and much more slowly. The answer offered […]

The American Petroleum Institute had me out for a tour of the premier oil refinery in the U.S. Located out or up in Billings Montana, depending on where you are, this refinery is in a truly beautiful and picturesque location smack in the middle of a mid sized city. It’s an easy walk from the […]

The German magazine Spiegel let slip a bit of information Tuesday. From Al Fin’s site and post titled “The Future of BioEnergy I: Biomass to Liquid” I started a little due diligence, as Spiegel has been “had” a few times over the years. It came as no surprise to read that the Spiegel article’s Company […]

Ever Cat Fuels Corporation has its pilot plant for biodiesel up and running at a 50,000-gallon annual rate. Later this year with a new facility completed the capacity will grow another 3 million gallons annually. Ever Cat is using a process named Mcgyan after the three scientists who devised the process. But the story goes […]

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